What Are The Urn Material Options?

Posted on December 20, 2021 by Schoedinger Funeral And Cremation Service under Cremation
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Cremation services in Columbus, OHIf you are going to have cremation services in Columbus, OH and you are thinking about having your loved one’s ashes kept in an urn, you will need to choose the type of urn you want to have. If you are keeping the urn at your home, you may have a specific material in mind. Urns come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can also find them in a variety of different materials. Here are some to consider if you are shopping for the right urn for a deceased loved one.


If you are looking for an affordable option for an urn that is also versatile, plastic might be one to consider. You can find plastic urns in a variety of designs. The plastic is made to be durable and will hold up to everyday wear and tear if it is displayed inside. If you are planning to keep the urn outside, you may not want to choose plastic as it might break down in the elements.


Wood is another option and can be a nice decorative option. If you are planning to display the urn in your home and want to make sure you have something that looks nice and can be displayed nicely. Wood is also best to use if you will keep the urn inside your home. You can also choose to keep the ashes in a small urn and slip it into a wooden urn. This will keep the ashes protected and safe and still allow you to enjoy the look of the metal urn.


Metal urns are unique and can be engraved and customized with a variety of designs and special characters. Metal holds up nicely and it can be finished to be displayed outside or inside. You may choose to buy or have an urn made. You can find metal urns that come in a variety of different colors or metal options. Some can be costly and some are more affordable. If you choose to have a metal urn. You can also use it to display the ashes for a cremation service.


Ceramic is another common material that you may choose for an urn. While this is a common choice, it is also one ofcremation services in Gahanna, OH the most fragile. Ceramic urns can break easily so it’s best to display them somewhere safe. If you choose to use a ceramic urn, you will want to make sure the ashes are kept in a box or bag inside so if the urn were to break, the ashes would not scatter everywhere and be hard to clean up.

If you are planning to have cremation services in Columbus, OH and are trying to decide what type of urn to purchase, you have a lot of options. The above materials are just a few to consider. You can also find other materials that may work just as well. If you are ready to make your cremation plans, be sure to reach out to Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Service. We are here to help.