What Will Be Your Life Celebration?

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What Will Be Your Life Celebration

Funeral pre-planning may seem unsavory; however, the most touching memorial services are those the deceased has a hand in planning before death. A funeral does not have to fit into a mold. Each life is different, and holding a funeral that is a respectful life celebration is a great way to remember and honor the deceased for who the person was in life.

A Personal Touch Can Allow Healthy Healing

A life celebration is not a tasteless party in place of a funeral, as the name may suggest. Instead it is a respectful celebration of a life through stories, physical mementos and even songs that the deceased either chose personally or enjoyed during life. Every life does have a story, and instead of getting lost in the fact that it has come to an end, a life celebration focuses respectfully on the actual life of the departed. Even people who were on the fence about a life celebration often decide to have their own funerals be life celebrations after attending one.

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

Your loved ones will want to honor your wishes at your funeral, but unless you have it in writing, they may not know exactly how. If you want a display of your military honors, a family portrait, a poem you wrote or anything at all to be physically displayed as a last reminder of who you really were, it can be arranged. From your favorite songs or hymns to a verse that inspired you, or even cuttings from your garden to hand out for people to replant, the possibilities are as variable as each life is. You have to put in writing what you want, though, because it was your life, and you should be able to have one last goodbye to friends and family on your own terms.

Pre-Planning -- How do you want to be remembered?

No matter your age, your story is being written day by day. Some days will be a paragraph and some a whole chapter, but consider the legacy you would leave if today was your last. Live your life so that when you die, your life celebration will be full of stories of the kindness you showed to others and the adventures you were willing to experience.

Plan Now, Even if You Pay Later

You can make all of your funeral plans, from the burial arrangements down to the type of flowers presented, even if you cannot pay now. You can leave the plans with us for notification to the family member who will be responsible after your death. There are also funeral insurance policies and trusts, if you are concerned about handling that side of things to further take stress off of your grieving loved ones. Do not let finances today stop you from planning your own life celebration, because when you die, your loved ones may feel the need to spend too much in an attempt to say goodbye. Make clear exactly what you want on your own terms to simplify every aspect of your own funeral or life celebration.

Grief is a complex emotion, but even the most somber funeral can be easier for bereaved loved ones to get through than the days and nights immediately following. Your loved ones will grieve in their own ways for the rest of their lives. A life celebration does not stop the sadness over the loss; it simply recognizes the wonderful life that was had. We can help you plan your own life celebration, so you can rest assured knowing you said goodbye on your own terms to those about whom you care.

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