What inspires you? A Funeral Pre-planning guide.

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What Inspires You?

When a loved one dies, family members are faced with choosing how friends and relatives are likely to remember the departed through funeral services or celebrations of life. You can make this responsibility less stressful on your family by taking care of these preparations in advance by talking to them about what has defined your life’s journey and the people, ideas and events that have inspired you along the way.

Reflect your Personality, Values and Accomplishments

When you contact us to make funeral arrangements, you can be assured our unique Professional Remembrance Planners will listen with compassion and use the information you provide to create a service that reflects your personality, values and accomplishments.

You might even suggest certain personal and family photographs as well as other mementos to help guide your loved ones in planning your funeral service or celebration of life. Think of your story, from birth through the present in considering what objects and pictures would be suitable. Often when considering this, people think of personal artwork, including paintings, awards and honors, wedding photos, pictures of themselves with their children and grandchildren and tools that represent a hobby or vocation about which they are passionate. You might even suggest how to break up the different eras of your life in case your loved ones choose to use “memory tables” containing photos and other personal items organized by decade or a certain period of years.

Tell your loved ones where these items are located to make gathering them simple when the time for your service comes.

Consider the Service Program

Consider the Service Program

Think about hymns or other songs you would like performed at your service. Some people particularly appreciate certain poems or passages from literature or religious texts that they would like read aloud to those in attendance. Others ask that keepsakes, such as tree seedlings or memorial photo pins, be passed out to attendees. Decide whether or not you want to allow anyone who attends to share memories, or if you prefer only certain people do so. Who would you like to give your eulogy? Would you like a particular minister, rabbi or other religious leader to officiate? If so, decide who and include that in your plans.

Put your wishes in writing to ensure you are remembered the way you would like to be and that your family and friends have the information they need to collaborate with our staff when the time comes.

Funeral Pre-Planning

Take it a step further and begin making funeral plans with our staff today. You can do this even if you aren’t prepared to pay immediately. When the time comes, we will contact the relative or friend you designate ahead of time and work with them to organize a service including the elements you had in mind.

Not only does planning your funeral service relieve pressure on your loved ones, it allows you to say goodbye to them in the way you prefer.

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