What Are You Afraid Of?

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What are you afraid of?

Why are Death and Funeral Services so Difficult to Talk About?

Have you ever heard the saying that two sure things in life are death and taxes? Walk through any book store, and you will find plenty of materials about death and dying. Some of these authors had a near death experience and felt compelled to share. Additionally, these experiences may have been so great that the person did not want to return to their present life.

Have you ever wondered if you can handle your own mortality? Whom do you speak to about your fears of death and dying? It seems as though the older you get, the more you think about these topics. Many people carry the attitude of being infallible; they just cannot imagine dying so they simply ignore it.

Is Death Mind Over Matter or Does Death Put You in a Complete State of Terror?

Does the thought of death and funeral services put you into a state of complete terror and unrest? Did something happen when you were young to make you so fearful of dying? Seniors, when confronted in a study of interview questions about death and dying, felt that these fears revolved around the younger populace, and being over 60 years of age the thought of death and dying is no longer a worry.

The majority of seniors do not seem to fear death. Instead, these fears fall under different issues, listed below. Seniors feel that planning ahead offers elements of comfort and peace.

  • Tying up loose ends
  • Being able to live life to the fullest
  • Making amends with people
  • Avoiding any further regrets in life
  • Completing plans for end of life
  • Setting wills into place
  • Not leaving a financial and a possession mess for the children to sort out

Planning Ahead Offers Elements of Comfort and Peace

As seniors age, it seems that the general feelings about death revert to a deep curiosity and acceptance of the inevitable happening, as there is simply no way around this journey.

Very young children frequently share seniors’ outlook on death. Children seem to accept death and dying better than adults, and seldom show fear. Children seem to accept what life has given to them and wait for the exciting journey to Heaven to begin, many times offering support to grieving family and friends.

Is it the Way You Were Raised?

  • Did your parents raise you within a stable home environment?
  • Did your parents pass on to you a belief in an All Mighty God, no matter what religious sect you practice?
  • Did your parents talk with you about the natural course of life with death being the final journey, relieving all your childhood fears?
  • Did your parents explain to you the need for funeral services?
  • If your family, best friend or even a stranger is not afraid of death and dying? So why should you be?

Did you ever read about people who were afraid of death, died and came back for a season? If a person does not want to return to life after briefly dying, what happened to all these fears? If this person is no longer afraid of death and dying, why should you be afraid?

Schoedinger’s Funeral Services is here to offer support to the community, including, but not limited to questions on death and dying, and grief counseling services. Let us help you to eliminate your fears of death and dying and put your mind at rest.

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