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I’ve always felt that we, Schoedinger Funeral Service, are a first class operation and give the very best in service. Now I know that to be fact!

I had the unfortunate experience of losing my mother. I had picked her up from The James where she was with a sister of mine who was receiving chemo on Friday and then received a call the following Sunday that the squad had been called. After confirming with neurologists the worst, I contacted Jim and Cressa (two of our other funeral directors) to have them cover a funeral service for me the next day. They of course did.

When Mom passed Wednesday morning, Mike Wright (from our Care Center) came to her Hospital room to make the removal and allowed family to assist him. In between those 3 days as the situation was indeed grave, I contacted Andrew Hoover (our Celebrant) about his availability. He blocked out his schedule for my family. Cressa and Jim did the same. Notes and emails of concern and compassion came from every corner of the company.

Brian Gillespie (one of our advance planners) had sage direction for me, “Now Mr. Trejo, are we going to be a funeral director today or a son and father? Go be a son and father.”trejo

Jim Anderson and Andrew Hoover met with 5 grown children and somehow corralled their divergent thoughts. Andrew took those thoughts and made “The Dash” come alive with meaning.  Lisa (one of our administrators) made an awesome video, paper products and, with Pepper (another funeral director), stationed the room just so.  Mark Garland (a chapel manager) came in on his day off.  Dan (our death certificate concierge) got certified copies quickley. Mike and Karen and the Care Center staff made mom look beautiful! The greeters of the Northwest Chapel showed up en masse.  The Chapel provided sandwiches and snacks for the family. Everyone asked again and again, what can we do, what do you need? This is all the while serving many other families. I even received information from our monument division!

My sister-in-law who had lost both of her parents, and had cremation services in Dayton and California, couldn’t believe all the options: monogrammed buckeyes, video, pictures displayed, memorial contributions, special memories, personal items stationed throughout.  She looked around and said, “Do you do this for everyone?” and I said with pride, “Yes, Yes we do.”

Over 35 years, I have observed that our fellow associates do these things each and every day. I hated being on the other side of the desk, however I also understand just how meaningful it is of what we do and who we are.

Rick Trejo and Family

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