The life of a funeral director

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The Life of a Funeral Director

Funeral directors frequently put their personal lives on hold to attend to family mourning after the death of a loved one.

This is the case at most funeral homes, and it is certainly the case at ours. From the beginning of our family-owned funeral home business in the mid-1800s, our funeral directors strive to comfort the bereaved while ensuring they honor the wishes of the deceased in planning funeral services and seeing to related details.

Available at all times

Our funeral directors connect with family members immediately following the notification of death, which is often during non-business hours. They respond no matter whether they receive a call at midnight or on a Sunday afternoon and then continue to offer professional, compassionate guidance through burial or cremation and funeral service itself as well as to care for the deceased. Such care includes ensuring the departed person looks natural for viewing and services as well as assisting with the organ donation process when that is among the deceased’s wishes.

In some cases, certain family members are dealing with their first post-death responsibilities. In these instances, our funeral directors are quick to make it clear what they can do to help and how the entire process works. When requested, or when they sense it might be needed, they arrange for grief counseling for these family members.

Funeral directors work patiently and respectfully with loved ones to plan memorial services, offering suggestions when needed, taking special concerns into account and compiling biographical information for obituaries and programs. They consistently strive to comfort and ensure family members are at ease as possible going through the grieving process. They provide private space for those who wish to consult with family members regarding important decisions, or to simply grieve quietly together, yet are willing to offer emotional support through a difficult time as well. Our offices are intimate and comfortable, so that loved ones are able to relax as much as possible while planning services and burial or cremation.

A Funeral Director Is Ready at All Times

Simplifying potentially complex issues

When loved ones are stymied by grief, our funeral directors tap into their professional experience to offer ideas for services, such as location, prayers, hymns and even closing touches such as releasing butterflies or balloons. They contact clergy, prepare obituaries and submit them to regional media and provide a guest book as well as handle floral arrangements.

In striving to ensure loved ones have peace of mind while planning a service, funeral directors do everything possible to make the financial aspect simple, affordable and dignified. They handle the red tape, such as obtaining copies of the death certificate and filing any required affidavits. They are also available to arrange social security benefits or veterans insurance.

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