The Benefits to Funeral Pre-Planning

Posted on May 6, 2015 by funeralOne under Funeral Directing
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According to the Examiner, most people don’t pre-plan their funerals, and most of us fail to pre-plan because we’re uncomfortable with the idea of planning for our own death. Unfortunately, if we fail to take care of funeral pre-planning, we leave this burden on our family. While we don’t enjoy thinking about our own death, planning for funeral services and other end of life expenses now offers many benefits, especially for our families.

Benefit #1 – Your Family Will Know Your Plans and Wishes

Failing to take care of funeral pre-planning leaves the final decisions in the hands of family members, but making arrangements in advance ensures that your family will know your plans and wishes. It’s often difficult to discuss final plans and funeral preferences with loved ones, so family members are often unaware of what a loved one prefers once he or she is gone. Pre-planning ensures that your family knows your final wishes so they can be carried out exactly the way you planned.

Benefit #2 – Save Your Family From Planning While Grieving

Within the first 24 hours after death, many details must be attended to, and it’s difficult for families to deal with all the details while they’re dealing with shock, pain and distress. Funeral decisions are difficult to make at any time, and it becomes more difficult to make these decisions when grieving. Many grieving family members make unnecessary purchases because they are dealing with so much stress, but pre-planning lifts this burden from the family.

Benefit #3 – Multiple Choices Available

Planning for a funeral now makes it easy to take advantage of the multiple choices that are available. Designing your funeral ensures that you’re able to choose between cremation and burial. Multiple funeral services are available as well. It’s possible to choose the type of service, where the service is held, and even the music or readings that take place during the service. With so many choices available, it’s possible to personalize a funeral to ensure it’s exactly what you want.

Benefit #4 – Less Financial Burden

Funeral prices continue to increase and statistics from the National Funeral Directors Association show that the cost of adult funerals has risen exponentially in the last 30 years. In 1980, the cost of an adult funeral was approximately $1,809. Yet in 2012, that price had risen to $7,045. One of the main economic benefits of funeral pre-planning is the ability to secure current rates for large expenses. With funeral prices continuing to rise each year, ensuring today’s prices offers a savings that could lessen your family’s financial burden.

Funeral pre-planning empowers family members, eases the grieving process and leaves you with peace of mind. Don’t leave your family to deal with this burden. Instead, take care of the arrangements yourself and live life peacefully without worrying about your death.

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