Say Goodbye to Your Loved One with Life Tributes

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Say goodbye to your loved one with life tributes

Saying your final goodbye to a loved one is often one of the hardest things a person will have to face. At Schoedinger Funeral Home, we understand this, and want to make sure that your final goodbye is a touching celebration of life that will help you remember your loved one fondly. We have many options for you to celebrate the life of your loved one, including tribute videos and memorial websites.

Honoring the Relationship

Your decision to honor the life of your loved one means that you value the relationship you shared with him or her. In our services, we want to show respect and acknowledge the unique life path of your loved one. We will work with you to help you decide how you want to celebrate that bond and honor the unique individual you’ve lost. We can also make suggestions to enhance your tribute ideas. Together we will create a fitting and memorable event.

Tribute Videos

Many families choose to include tribute videos to celebrate the life of their loved one. We will use your treasured family photographs and blend them beautiful graphic images and music to create a moving cinematic video. These videos become an integral part of any funeral or memorial gathering, giving those gathered an opportunity to reflect on their loved one’s life and the moments they shared together. After the funeral is over, the family takes the video home as a keepsake. We can even make copies for family and friends who would like one.

Personalized printing can be used as a keepsake

Personalized Printing

We can also use family photos to create personalized print products, such as bookmarks, service programs, prayer cards and memorial folders. Your favorite photos can be further enhanced with a poem or prose tribute to your loved one. There are endless possibilities when it comes to the print feature of life tributes, and we will work with you to find the ones that are best for you and your family. These items can add a dimension of caring to your service as well as give your guests a treasured keepsake to remember the deceased by.

Memorial Websites

Rather than place the traditional obituary in your local newspaper, many families are opting to create memorial websites. We can create a website in honor of your loved one, which can be archived online forever and will be totally interactive. You will be able to update the site’s content easily with engaging home videos, family photographs and your favorite stories.

Live Funeral Webcasting

Webcasting is the latest innovation in the funeral service industry. This option allows your family and friends to join in your loved one’s memorial or funeral service regardless of where they are. The service will be streamed online and can be viewed live, archived for delayed viewing, and downloaded to DVD for a permanent keepsake.

When it comes to celebrating the life of your loved one, we know you have many ideas and stories to share. We bring the experience to design the perfect personalized memorial or funeral service. If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities or have questions about any of the features of the Life Tributes listed above, please call us at 614-224-6105 or send us an email at

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