Options To Consider When Planning a Funeral

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Why so many options when it comes to funerals?

Losing a loved one is never easy, and adding the stress of planning a funeral can make it even more difficult. Many families can feel overwhelmed by the many options available for funerals. So how do you know which one is best for your family? We have outlined some of the options available for funerals to help give you an idea of what is out there and when it might be appropriate to include in your loved one’s service.

Choosing the Right Funeral Home

The first thing to consider is which funeral home you will work with. You want to work with someone you can trust, who can meet all of your needs and accommodate any special wishes your family might have. At Schoedinger Funeral Home, we believe honoring a life simply means showing respect and acknowledging the unique life path of your loved one. We will work with you to bring your tribute ideas to life and can make suggestions on how to enhance them. We have been serving our community for more than 100 years; each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity. We would be happy to help you decide how to celebrate the bond you shared with your loved one, and honor the unique individual you’ve lost.

Traditional Service vs. Memorial

Now that you have selected a funeral home, it’s time to decide if you want a traditional funeral service or a memorial service. Traditional funerals include a viewing of the body and visitation for loved ones to gather to express condolences; a service to commemorate the life of the deceased; and a procession to the cemetery where an additional burial ceremony takes place.

Memorial services typically follow burial or cremation and can be held in a church, a fraternal hall or any other location. The deceased’s body is not present at memorial services.

Regardless of which route you take, Schoedinger Funeral Home can help you put together tribute videos, design programs, create a memorial website and so much more.

Deciding on a Viewing

A viewing provides a time for family and friends to come and view the deceased. The body is typically displayed in a casket at the head of the room, where friends and family can kiss the loved one good-bye or perhaps touch their hand one last time. This also gives them the chance to place something inside the casket to go with their loved one, such as personal mementos. The viewing can be very therapeutic for those who attend, who will be able to tell their friend or loved one goodbye. Consider whether your loved one would have wanted a viewing as well as any religious traditions before opting for a viewing.

Options for burial

Options for Burial

The burial generally follows the funeral services. The coffin is closed and those family and friends chosen to carry the coffin will proceed out of the funeral home or church and place it into the awaiting hearse. The hearse leads the way for others to follow to the cemetery where a brief service is held before lowering the casket into the ground and prepared burial site. Burials can be done with family or friends, or burials can be done after all guests leave the cemetery. We believe there is no “hard and fast” formula for honoring your loved one when burial has been selected. At Schoedinger, we’re here to listen to your concerns, share your experience and help you arrive at the perfect way to gather together prior to your loved one’s interment in a cemetery of your choice.

Consider Cremation

Cremation services are becoming much more common. Following cremation, the deceased’s ashes are placed into an urn and presented to the family to take home and keep. When choosing cremation, a family may decided to have a traditional casket viewing and service before cremation. You can also skip the service altogether and simply have the body cremated. If you would like your loved one’s ashes buried in the family cemetery, you can have graveside opened to place the urn in. Many times, the family chooses to spread the ashes in an area designated by the deceased or somewhere that holds special meaning for them.

Military Honors

If the departed individual was part of the armed forces, they are entitled to military funeral services with a gun salute at the cemetery and a flag draped across the casket. Military personnel are in full military uniform and they remove the flag, fold it and present it to the closest surviving family member or friend. When a military person has died, families can contact the Veterans Administration and the Veterans work out these plans with the family and chosen funeral home. When it comes to honoring veterans, no other funeral or cremation provider is more committed or more capable than Schoedinger Funeral Home to fulfill you or your family’s wishes.

3 Responses to Options To Consider When Planning a Funeral

  1. Diane Jackson says:

    I really think that it can be overwhelming planning a funeral. Usually, you don’t have much time to get the arrangements set. However, I love what you said about there not being any hard and fast formula. Really anything that honors the memory sufficiently will be fine. Thanks for sharing all this information.

  2. Hazel Adams says:

    It is interesting for me to learn a little bit about cremation. I did not realize it happened more often than not. My father wants to be cremated when he passes away.

  3. Tobias Armstrong says:

    I like the comparison between traditional services and memorials. I didn’t know that there were a lot of differences between the two, probably because I’ve never paid a lot of attention. I’ve been looking at different options just out of curiosity, so this was an interesting read. Thanks for sharing!

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