March’s Hospice Caregiver Award Winner

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We are delighted to announce March’s Hospice Caregiver Award winner of the $100 gift card:

Charla Sedziol

Hospice of Central Ohio (Westerville office)

After our selection committee had chosen Charla to be the winner for March, we contacted the person who nominated her (Cathy Duncan) to let her know Charla had won. Cathy was so excited and excited for Charla. We told Cathy we wanted to come to the office and surprise Charla with balloons and flowers and take pictures. Cathy went to work to plan this at the Westerville office.

We showed up on a day that Charla thought was just an office meeting day. She was so surprised and certainly touched that her team thought so much of her as to nominate her for the caregiver award. Here is what was submitted:

march hospice charla“Charla is very dedicated to her patients and their families. One time she spear-headed getting a patient’s mother to Ohio from the Honduras. The mother had never been outside of her village and could not speak English! She arrived before her daughter passed away.”

“She has been instrumental in helping to develop our Franklin County partners by working closely with facilities and hospitals to meet their needs. She has the ability to walk into any situation and calmly work in a crisis. Charla truly represents what hospice stands for!”

Nominations may be submitted any time, all year.  Individuals may be nominated more than once.  How To Nominate:

  1. Download the The Hospice Caregiver Award Program Nomination Form for complete details.

All nominations and information will be kept confidential.


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