Keeping It Simple

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Keeping it Simple

A Funeral Home’s Goal – To Educate and Inform

There is a quality and seasoned business in Worthington, Ohio known as Schoedinger Funeral Home. Our funeral home business started in 1829 with Philip Schoedinger and now the sixth generations from Philip have continued the business in his name. This funeral home is unique in that the owners have been the first to introduce many new things to the community of Worthington and surrounding areas.

As the business continues to grow tremendously, the current grandchildren of Philip continue to search varying avenues of public service in addition to funeral services. The family offers valuable information through their blog sites, with a focus on individualized, healthy emotional and physical well-being through instruction and education. Simple conveniences and greater service to the public is the goal of the Schoedinger family. In addition to our funeral services staff, we offer cremation services, deceased pet services, and grief support for all our clients. We handle all necessary paperwork with respect and dignity to take the burden off the grieving family member.

Grieving is Hard Enough – Never Grieve over Funeral Costs

One of the problems we as a seasoned funeral consultant find is that grieving family members feel they need to have an elaborate and extravagant funeral services for the loved one. We educate our clients as to what things are considered basic and traditional funeral expenses. Basic and traditional funerals can save the family a lot of money.

Don't Grieve Over Funeral Costs

We need to know if the deceased made prior decisions regarding their desires. Family members need to know these things before death.  What did the deceased want to happen upon death? Did the deceased pre-pay for funeral expenses? Did they have burial insurance or a life insurance policy, covering end of life expenses? These are a few of the first steps to keep funeral services costs down.

If a family cannot answer any of these questions, the next question is, “What is to take place, a burial or a cremation?”. Cremation does cost less than a burial, which is the reason cremations have risen over the last few years. Be sure to get a price list invoice for all funeral costs, such as caskets. Know your rights as a family member of a deceased loved one.

Due to the rising costs of funeral plans, cremation with memorial services are rising quickly. However, a family can choose to have the deceased cremated, and the ashes returned in a keepsake urn. The family can then reschedule a memorial service when and where they so chose. If desired, the deceased ashes are then scattered wherever the family desires or where the deceased had designated.  Funerals are all about not overpaying for bad purchase choices at a most difficult time. Funerals are about honoring the deceased in the best way possible, and using good common financial funeral service sense.

In Conclusion, Remember

  • Prepaid funerals are a trap for many reasons
  • Never avoid talking about funeral plans ahead of time
  • Shop around, and never let a undertaker sell a pre-paid funeral package
  • Never pay for funeral items you do not need
  • It is the Law that funeral homes must give you quotes and a price list
  • If a casket was purchased elsewhere a funeral home must accept that casket

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