How Can Hospice Care Benefit Your Family?

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How Hospice benefits families

One of life’s biggest challenges in life comes when we are faced with chronic, incurable illness, or death, whether it is our own or that of a loved one. Declining health in the terminally ill patient or the chronically ill and aging is a reality that cannot be ignored in the lives of many families. A parent, spouse, sibling and children require very special and compassionate care to deal with impending death. Families of those affected need equal understanding and support in helping them help their loved ones. In these situations, hospice care can be very beneficial.

Hospice of Central Ohio

Hospice of Central Ohio has been integral in assisting families during difficult times. Support and services offered by the Hospice of Central Ohio extend to every aspect of palliative and end-of-life care for the individual and family. From handling crisis calls for in-home pain relief to admission to the hospice within hours of request, they provide a network of physical and inter-faith spiritual support. Hospice aides, social workers, spiritual chaplains, volunteer companions and physicians are there to help with pain and distressing symptoms, and bereavement support is provided round the clock regardless of the ability to pay.

When the final moments arrive, the nurturing and caring staff stands by to assist wherever they are needed — in-home, at the hospice facility or in any of the area’s nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Assistance is provided for funeral services as well as making funeral home arrangements. Going through loss can be an incredibly painful time for a family, so it helps to have a support system that you can lean on during such a difficult time.

Hospice of Central Ohio

Strong Communities and Support Networks

Columbus, Ohio, offers its community the warmth and comfort of knowing there are many benefits to retirees and those who need assisted care. Addressing the needs of all age groups, it has hospice services and facilities at numerous locations suited to each. The challenges of meeting the needs of terminally ill family members are enormous. It can be both physically and emotionally draining in addition to being painful. Hospice care knows and understands that. There are more than 150 hospice care centers in the Columbus area, and many seniors benefit greatly from the tightly-knit communities offered at these facilities.

The varying level of support and assistance ensures you get what you need when you need it. Customized to every individual, these form the network that allow you or your loved one live a life of dignity and respect even when failing health and dependence increase. Illness can strike anyone at any time at any age. When recovery is no longer possible, it becomes important to preserve the quality of life and find relief from pain along with strong emotional and spiritual support, surrounded by caring people. That is the guiding principle and philosophy behind hospice care.

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