Honoring Your Loved Ones After Their Death

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Honoring Your Loved Ones After Their Death

One of the things that most of us feel when we lose a loved one is the emptiness that their departure causes, a void that seems like a very heavy weight. To help fill that void without losing their memory, try to find special ways for you to honor those who have passed. Whether it’s donating to a charity they cared deeply about or creating a scholarship fund in their memory, creating some kind of memorial can help give you closure and keep your connection with him or her strong. Here are some ways you can honor your loved ones.

A Memorial Garden

For people who loved flowers and gardening, honor them by carrying on their tradition. If someone loved roses, then consider putting in a rose garden; the flowers are beautiful and the work to build the garden becomes a labor of love. The same is true for gardeners. If your loved one was a gardener, build them a garden. A garden is a wonderful way to get the kids involved, and you can create a heritage by saving seeds and passing them along. Every time you see the flowers bloom, you’ll think fondly of your loved one and smile.

Make a Quilt

A story quilt is an amazing gift and wonderful way to capture the memories of your family. Quilting is something that is fairly common, but a story quilt is all about remembering. If you are not sure how to quilt, there are quilting classes and quilting clubs that are full of people who can help you learn. A story quilt  is something that your family will treasure, and the scenes in each square will remind you of wonderful memories shared with your loved one. Not only are these quilts comforting, but they are also something that you can pass on to your children, too.

Consider Creating a Memorial Garden in Memory of Your Lost Loved One

Make a Recipe Book

Every family has a secret recipe, but we also all have favorite foods. If you have something that your mother made that you love, put it in the recipe book. If your father was wild about a special chocolate cake, share the recipe. It becomes a way to remember those you have lost, but also a way to celebrate those wonderful times, holidays and special occasions. Who knows, you might make Dad’s Chocolate Cake, and one of your children might fall madly in love with it, too. That is how you keep family traditions alive and also how you honor your loved ones.

There are many ways to honor your loved one in death. If you’re not sure what would make the best tribute to your family member, look to your family and close friends for inspiration.

Death is not something any of us can avoid, but we live on through the things we teach our children. If you have lost a parent or a loved one, remember and honor them by finding joy and beauty in the things they did. If you share those things as a family, that empty void that was created becomes filled with the sounds of laughter and happy memories.

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