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Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti /

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti /

For the December company newsletter, we asked our staff to share the best Christmas gift they have ever received.  We hope their answers will make you smile too!

A new kitchen countertop! Woot!  Risa Berlin

I remember when I got this red rider BB gun, they kept sayin’ I would shoot my eye out, but they were WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I killed Black Bart and his gang of hoodlums.   Greg Jackson

A play castle with knights!   Randy Schoedinger

I came home four days before Christmas with my first child, a little girl named Kristen.   Michael Ames

My best Christmas present ever was a red plastic Seagrave Fire Truck, imagine that! I was 5 years old.   Alan Hittepole

The best gift I ever received was a Label Maker.   Denise R. Ellis

Watch out ladies this is unbelievable. Dave gave me a Hoover Self Propelled Vacuum.   Maryann Walters

The best Christmas gift I received was a membership to the Columbus Zoo, awesome for my family!!   Melissa Schopp

When I was on staff at a church in Kansas as the worship pastor, for pastor appreciation month, the church wrapped 200 $1 bills in pretty, gold wrapping paper and they looked like Tootsie Rolls. They stuck them to a wreath and it was beautiful. Imagine our surprise when we opened them to find out they were all crisp, $1 bills.  Mark Dettmer

When I was 9 years old I received a pillow case with Raquel Welch’s face on it.   Eric Denney

My best Christmas was when I was 7 years old. Ballet and tap dance lessons were the highlight of my life at that time.  All I asked Santa for was a ballerina doll, but was absolutely elated when under the tree were not one but two dolls – a ballerina doll with pink hair and one with blue hair (not the norm in 1960) – that was from Santa. And from my parents – Dad had made a wooden wardrobe complete with a metal bar clothes rack and metal hangers filled with dance costumes made by my mother.   Diane Smith

My best Christmas gift was my banjo. Bob Smith

I have two: When I was 8 years old we moved from Connecticut to Michigan in mid-November. It was a hard transition and so close to the holidays. My parents gave me a stuffed bear with a music box in it for Christmas that year. I love that bear and it the only Christmas present I have from my childhood. It sits in my closet and I play it every once in a while as it has always brought me great comfort.  In 2011 my sister called my husband, Steve, on Friday afternoon and asked that he bring me home to Michigan for Christmas. I was off Friday, Saturday and Christmas was on a Sunday. We had not planned to go because we had just been to Michigan for Thanksgiving. I had not been home for Christmas in years. It was the first time in 15 years that all of my 9 siblings and parents were together. We had a wonderful time and Mary Ava still watches the video we took that day. We have family traditions of playing games and white elephant gifts. It was absolutely amazing Christmas to remember. My dad passed away the following year prior to Christmas. So as the last Christmas we would all have together as a family it was a priceless gift from my husband which I am forever grateful. Andrea Stockel-Wills

How about you?  What is the best gift you have ever received?

Amy Henthorn

Amy is a Columbus native with a Journalism degree from Otterbein University. She came to Schoedinger in 2009 as a chapel administrator, and is currently the advance planning coordinator. She enjoys writing, reading, and spending time with her family.

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