3 Innovative Ways to Create an Urn Out of Yarn

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3 Innovative Ways to Create an Urn Out of Yarn

As you move through the grieving process, nothing helps more than knowing you did all you could to honor your loved one. One of the best ways to show honor and respect is through the creation of a handmade item reflecting your loved one’s personality and interests.

If your dearly departed had a passion for knitting, crocheting or crafting, for example, you can actually construct an urn out of yarn to hold their cremation ashes. There are three main ways to approach the yarn urn creation process, depending on your skill level in fabric arts. Choose one of the following crafting approaches to create a beautiful urn.


If you have very little skill in crafting, you can create a yarn wrapped urn using spiral techniques. For this project, you will need to obtain a vase with a lid, yarn in the color of your choice and glue. You will start at the bottom edge of the vase and slowly wrap the yarn around the exterior surface using glue to hold the fibers in place. Repeat for the lid, starting at the bottom rim. You can alternate yarn colors or just use your loved one’s single favorite hue.


If you prefer the look of the box-shaped cremation urns, you can use plastic canvas and yarn to achieve the same effect. You will need to cut the canvas into square and rectangular pieces of the appropriate size. Start by using a continental or basket-weave stitch to cover the plastic canvas in the yarn pattern you favor most. You will then weave the box components together using a simple whipstitch. Consider using a yarn hue that contrasts or complements the base color for the edge embellishments.

If your departed loved one taught you how to crochet, creating a crochet can invoke precious memories with a single glance.


If you know how to crochet, you can create an urn out of yarn alone. You will need to use the magic circle technique, increasing the stitches for each row to create the round body of the vase shape. If you prefer a cylindrical yarn urn, stop increasing the stitches in each row once you are happy with the diameter. For a stunning effect, choose a multicolored worsted weight yarn for this project. If your departed loved one taught you how to crochet, then this particular creation will always invoke precious memories with a single glance.

Paying Your Respects

The simple act of creating this urn can help facilitate healing as you travel through the stages of grief. Once you reach the final stage of acceptance, you will be able to fully appreciate the respectful keepsake you created to hold your loved one’s ashes.

Unlike a traditional urn, the yarn vase or box prompts memories and conversations about the individual’s hobbies, interests and livelihood, rather than the death and funeral services. If you cannot navigate the crafting process right away, you can receive a temporary urn from the funeral home at the time of the scheduled services.

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